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The Thirsty Barber

Masterclass Experience

Throw on your dapper outfits and flapper dresses and get ready for an evening of decadence with The Barber and allow us to guide you through the process of creating the best cocktails this side of Manhattan. We have two outstanding Cocktail Masterclasses for you all to experience and enjoy!


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    We have one simple one-liner policy for our masterclasses …
    fun facts from the roaring 20's

    • Prohibition barred making alcohol, selling it, and shipping it for the purposes of consumption. In fact, doctors could prescribe alcohol for medicinal purposes.
    • Speakeasies got their name because you had to whisper a code word or name through a locked door in order to be allowed in.
    • New York City Alone had an estimated 30,000 ‘speakeasies’
    • Some states refused to enforce Prohibition.

    • Along with creating an army of federal agents, the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act stipulated that individual states should enforce Prohibition within their own borders. Governors resented the added strain on their public coffers therefore many neglected to appropriate any money towards policing the alcohol ban.
    • Maryland never even enacted an enforcement code and eventually earned a reputation as one of the most stubbornly anti-prohibition states in the Union.

    • New York also showed great restraint towards the ban of alcohol. NYC repealed its measures in 1923 and other states grew increasingly lackadaisical as the decade wore on.
    • It was once said by Marylands senator, William Cabell Bruce in congress in the mid 20’s “National Prohibition went into legal effect upward of six years ago, but it can be truly said, that except to a highly qualified extent, it has never gone into practical effect at all”