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Customers may now make pre-orders and bookings online. Those requesting alcoholic drinks are requested to bring their prescription. Whiskey is for medicinal use only.




18:00 - 01:00


18:00 - 01:00


18:00 - 01:00


18:00 - 01:00


18:00 - 01:00


18:00 - 01:00

We Deliver an Outstanding Guest Experience

The Thirsty Barber Way!

When the raids happened, shelves holding liquor bottles collapsed, dumping their contents into a space below and snapping back into a place empty. The clubs basement had secret passages and fake walls that hid a large liquor vault that still exists. Did you know that no liquor was ever found at the infamous 21 Club!
The 1920’s was often described as the ‘Roaring 20’s’ where some of the finest parties were thrown and men would dress in the smartest of manners whilst ladies (often referred to as ‘flappers’ back then) would push the boundaries of fashion as they danced and drunk their way through the weekends.
Our objective is one; To recreate the ‘Roaring 20’s’ for your enjoyment! True to the 1920’s our bar gives the impression that it is a 19020’s barber shop. However as you step through our specially designed British Red Telephone Box you enter a luxuriously decorated and furnished speakeasy for you to enjoy and have some fun.

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A unique drinking experience in a hidden 1920’s speakeasy along Ball street, Paceville. Malta.